Quality makes the difference!

Quality makes the difference!

Infiore Selection offers professional and practical solutions for looking after your home care. Products conceived specifically to respect the environment and adapt to daily needs.
Take hygiene to a higher level.

Take charge of your kitchen!

It is the new super-absorbent and ultra-resistant household paper
that you wet, wring out and re-use

It is the new, super-compact all-purpose paper towel in sheets:
clean and dry without waste



The household paper that you wet, wring out and re-use

Who said you need metre upon metre of paper to wipe something dry? Strizzami helps you take cleaning your kitchen to a higher level with just one sheet. A super-absorbent all-purpose paper towel that is ultra-resistant even when wet.
With Strizzami you waste less and save more.



The compact all-purpose paper towel that is always within reach

Quik is a truly surprising product: an all-purpose absorbent paper towel in folded sheets, that can be taken out individually and put to use immediately. The handy and easily portable dispenser packaging helps you win the fight against dirt in every corner of the house. The answer to small domestic disasters.

For the bathroom

Goodbye plumber, welcome Infiore

Have you had enough of blocked pipes? Now is the time to try the exclusive technology of Flutech, the Infiore toilet paper that dissolves 9 seconds after it has touched the water. Your bathroom will thank you.

For the table

An Infiore napkin for every table

Who said that elegance does not also come in single-use format? Infiore Selection offers soft, resistant and colourful napkins made from pure cellulose that can add a unique touch of sophistication to your table on every occasion.

For your hobbies

DIY with Infiore

The Infiore rolls and cloths, resistant and professional, are perfect for cleaning your tools. From gardening to DIY, they will be your allies in all your creative endeavours.